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Making the Agency of the Future a Reality Today

This event has been cancelled due to inclement weather. Updated 6:09am on Dec 10th. Please contact Tahlor Marchi with any questions. 


In 2013, the demand for agencies to provide digital services to an increasingly mobile, connected electorate is only increasing.  Civil servants are being asked to provide unprecedented levels of citizen engagement, accessibility, and customer service -- and to do so more transparently, from budgeting to spending to performance. At the same time, agencies are still using legacy systems, architectures and development methodologies from decades past. 

Is it possible to do better?

Join us as a panel of top-ranked agency strategists and technologists share a wealth of experiences and discuss the process of rolling out bold new policies and programs. You’ll learn how they transformed their biggest mishaps into surprising success stories, and how you can avoid the pitfalls they endured.

Discussion topics include:

  • How are agencies approaching meeting DIgital Government Strategy milestones to become more data-centric?
  • The White House’s Open Government Directive is approaching its fourth anniversary. Has it had an impact upon how the federal government works or is held accountable for its performance?
  • How does open source, open data and cloud computing relate to mission goals?
  • How to procure and deploy multiple communication vehicles across platforms, from mobile phones and direct mail to email and social media
  • How to approach internal culture change that promotes engagement while addressing fears of improper disclosure of private information or embarrassment
  • How to manage teams and workflows in ways that improve collaboration and efficiency.
  • How to establish customer service policies that combine the use of technology and citizen engagement.
  • Strategic and tactical approaches to mitigating typical problems involving project administration, content management, and implementation.

Join us for the lessons learned by some of Washington’s leading federal technology experts and strategists as we take a personal and professional dive into the trenches.

Space is limited, first come, first serve.